BriarWorks Back Down South Review

Pipe tobacco blend BriarWorks International Back Down South

"Travel down south with this hearty Va/Per Flake. Perfect for front-porch sittin".


  • Virginia
  • Perique

Firstly, of course, I want to say many flattering words about the tins themselves. In fact, packaging is really made stylish, fashionable and most importantly, safely. There are no issues at all. Simple, but, drat, effectively and efficiently.

Blend itself is a classic for Cornell & Diehl (namely, there is the BriarWorks blends is manufactured) broken flake – pieces of flakes large enough width. Tobacco moisture, in my opinion, is ideal that is a little wetter than, I believe, like many smokers. This tobacco is burned evenly, smoldering in the pipe actually own, requiring from the pipe smoker a minimum of effort to sustain burning.

Now about the blend. When just opened tin to the nose hits the familiar scent "Cornell" sauce – a rich, the syrup-sweet with fruity notes of dried fruit and light acidity. The second order is soft, dense aroma of dark chocolate. Full and not just recognized or even guessed, but literally conspicuous.

Pipe tobacco blend BriarWorks International Back Down South

After 2-3 days, "firm" sauce perseverance significantly weakened; there are new shades to the aroma surface. The main line here are chocolate with raisins, there are subtle floral notes and the scent of honey. Chocolate although clearly perceptible, but its flavor became softer and weaker, which is a bit sad, because the first smoked pipes with this blend were frankly chocolate. When smoking pipe with a cup of coffee just caps flew from pleasure.

Tobacco color palette fits into the chocolate tones from dark orange flakes and ribbons to dark brown. Rubbed tobacco, filling without any problems, and just as easily puffed.

In cold-drawn blend gives a taste of dried fruits and raisins. Chocolate is played here as a filler – it is perceptible, but not pushy. After 2-3 days, when blend "breathed", the presence of chocolate in taste significantly weakened. However, dark chocolate is clearly recognizable and do not need to "listen for". Although chocolate is expressed not as bright as in the first bowls.

Behind the "sagging" chocolate becomes clearly noticeable fairly broad palette of Virginia flavors: this herbaceous shades, and a bit of bread, and even at times frank notes of walnut. Everything is sewn, as the thread taste of raisins with a pleasant sourness of dried fruits. On the one hand, this set of flavours should be administered in cognitive dissonance, but not, everything is intertwined harmoniously, and most importantly delicious.

Pipe tobacco blend BriarWorks International Back Down South

But for the final Perique to regain its position, chocolate notes retreating a few steps back, the taste becomes more bread, more spicy and even sharp. The strength is grow. But it remains in the bounds of decency. And only at the very end of smoking at the bottom of the bowl, when the tobacco is about to end, fade away, to the light comes up bright chocolate taste. Virtually the same as those in the earliest smokings.

The flavor during smoking actually inextricably repeats game of taste. First, it is a pleasant tobacco notes with a light touch of chocolate. In the middle of bowl the smell of smoke reveals fruity notes of apple, and even, by the end of bowl flavor becomes spicy, a little bread, but not devoid of fruity shades.

As for the strength, the tobacco noticeably saturates by "Vitamin N". I would rate its level of 6 out of 10. However, saying that the strength at the end is growing, I was a little inaccurate. At the beginning of smoking and in the middle of the strength reveals itself, wrapping gently spreading inside. At the end of bowl the strength begins to "work" differently, feeling as "throat beat". Overall strength, perhaps, throughout the smoking remains approximately the same.

A very interesting tobacco blend with breathtaking flavor dynamics. For each individual smoking from start to end of bowl, and the dynamics of changes in taste from the beginning to its end of tin. A lot depends on the pipe bowl diameter: even small, seemingly diameter change quite strongly reflected in the taste. I like to smoke it from smoking pipes with 19 mm bowl diameter, which, in general, for me is unusual. In the larger bowls, the tobacco becomes more "meaty", more insistent, brutally and strong. The "highlight" what I liked in it was gone. In narrower bowls widing tobacco ribbons at all times strive to block the draw. This problem can be solved, but I just did not want to mess around, the golden mean was found, and I smoked for pleasure. And its this tobacco blend could bring me.

Cool and sweets smoke!