Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake 2009 Review

Pipe tobacco blend Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake

The pipe tobacco Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake – is a specially aged Virginia cut plug. A natural, mid-brown slightly fermented Virginia. This Navy Cut gives a full smoke experience for all natural Virginia flake lovers.


  • Virginia

The blend that we talking about today is aged few years from 2009. "Aged Vintage" – this sounds funny, but interesting. While waiting from the vacuum packing a lot, perhaps, it should not be. However, from a just opened tin spread a thick, slightly sour aroma of "fermentation", complete with raisins and dried fruit. This flavor is gone pretty quickly, giving way to the "translucent" aroma of chocolate, raisins and small, but clearly traces of the "animal" smell.

Tobacco in tin packed in straight, wide flakes, darkened by the time. According to the tobacco moisture, is immediately ready for smoking, but in original box it dries quickly and within a week, the blend humidity comes very close to the critical point. Perhaps this feature of my particular tin, but nonetheless.

Pipe tobacco blend Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake | Фото

Rubbing out tobacco flakes effortlessly, literally crumbling into long ribbons from the lightest touch. Packing in pipe and litting as easily.

When smoking all the charm of a six-year aging from taste disappear rather quickly. If when we first taste this blend, it pleased thick sweet taste of honey and raisins, then after a couple of days the sweetness noticeably faded, let out the original nature of this flake.

Pipe tobacco blend Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake

And this nature on a background of "past victories" looks much more prosaic. Contrary to the official description, the overall taste and flavor may be traced small presence of Burley is likely that delicate specific "animal" flavor, about which I wrote above – this is Burley antics. This addition is a bit, but noticeable and sufficient in order to confuse.

When puffing tobacco returns Virginia grassy flavor that pretty quickly changes into a bit stuffy, hay aroma. Further, this pair continues its play virtually unchanged. Occasionally you my notice a little honey in taste, will seem to disappear, and subtle bread notes, but the basic playing remains dull and featureless.

Pipe tobacco blend Fribourg & Treyer Vintage Flake

The blen strength I would appreciate in 4 points out of 10. The tobacco is smoked evenly, relatively cool and rather quickly, smoking up to a handful of ashes.

Very controversial blend, and if the first smokings causes only positive emotions, then over time, losing moisture, tobacco is rapidly losing the taste, revealing not a very attractive "skeleton", not devoid of some causticity.

Cool and sweet smokes!