Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky Review

Pipe tobacco blend Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky | Tobacco tin

Virginias with dark fired Kentucky tobacco. Tobacco selection: Blending fine Black Cavendish with the irresistible qualities of Kentucky Burley gives this flake a look, taste and feel uniquely its own. Tobacco cut: Flake slice cut tobacco. Flavor/Aroma: This is a non-aromatic, medium to full in strength.


  • Virginia
  • Kentucky

From tin is literally flowing a thick and sweet tobacco flavor. In it are primary sweet pastry notes, the presence of dried fruit, figs and delicate aroma of honey. Very intense and pleasant flavor, just returning to the days when the first discoveries were made in the stage of study of pleasant aromas of pipe tobacco world.

At the same time, tobacco flavor was felt even before the first opening of the tin surrounding the sealed tin dense halo. This causes the alert and suspicious of the package, although the tin is "classic", and there are no surprises like should not be.

Pipe tobacco blend Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky

At the opening of the tin, air drawn with a characteristic sound, but it seemed to touch the tobacco still dryish. Perhaps this problem of a particular batch of tobacco, or maybe not, who knows. But rubbing out becomes clear that not a loss of critical moisture there, and the tobacco is normally almost ideal state.

And although the tobacco is rubbing easily, flakes pretty much stuck together and separated from one another, making it carefully, very difficult.

Pipe tobacco blend Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky

When start puffing from the mouthpiece flowed spicy, slightly sweet taste with a noticeable presence of licorice and "hints", to taste resembling sugar cane. However, the really sweet this blend cannot be called, and the sweetness in the taste plays a role of filling, not leading. However, by the middle of bowl and that sweetness is almost completely overshadowed by the Kentucky's play. The taste becomes stronger, "brutal", there is a characteristic smokiness and light peppery hotness.

And changing smoke flavor. If at first it was a soft, sweet, rich and in many ways resembled the smell of tobacco in the tin, but now, it gets spicy with hints of prunes and rye bread. Toward the end of smoking in the taste and flavor of this blend appear noticeable nutty notes. It is changing by rising the strength.

Generally, the strength of Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky, however, as the blend itself, – a thing ambiguous and even unique. From time to time smoking of this blend may to press you in a chair by high tobacco strength, but at other times, smoking may pass unnoticed in this regard. And I was not able to understand the pattern of such changes.

Also behaves the taste – it is always different. Tones, notes, nuts, figs – everything is great, but again and again the taste picture is drawn again. As a result, I left and used for the tasting only one pipe, in order to narrow down the "fluctuations", but in this case, when the pipe bowl, it would seem, to be fed with tobacco flavors and everything should run smoothly, taste dwas ifferent every time of smoking. The only thing I can say with confidence – this tobacco should not be warm or hot. The longer and straighter manages to keep the minimum temperature of smoldering tobacco, the greater the number of secrets the blend is gives. Tobacco can be as simple as a cube, parallel and perpendicular and it can hit a thick fruity sweetness with honey notes.

I do not rule out that after a long absence this blend in trade, my mind played with me a bad joke, trying to zoom in on any even slightly positive "a fly" to the elephant size. But the more it is, the more interesting it will be to read your, dear readers, opinion about smoking of this pipe tobacco. I believe this blend, albeit markedly different from the one that was issued 5-7 years ago under the same name, worthy of attention.

Cool and sweet smokes!