Heart & Home WhiteKnight Blend Review

Pipe tobacco blend Heart & Home White Knight

Heart & Home WhiteKnight is a medium-bodied, very complex and well balanced Balkan-Style blend created to evoke memories of one of the most iconic pipe tobaccos ever made.

When we won the 2011 Balkan Sobranie 759 Throwdown at the Chicagoland Pipe and Tobacciana Show, with our entry, BlackHouse, it caused quite a stir, and the blend has become one of our best sellers. We followed that up with Fusilier's Ration, which was modeled after Bengal Slices, and it too has become incredibly popular. There was one other blend that I loved, that I thought about making a tribute to, because I enjoyed it so much. But I resisted, due to the iconic stature of the tobacco. After a couple of years of work, though, I finally put together a blend that I feel so confident in, that we're ready to bring you BlackHouse's cousin - WhiteKnight.

Balkan Sobranie Original Smoking Mixture is legendary among those of us who were privileged enough to have smoked it. It had gone through some changes, but my memories are from the blend as it was in the late seventies. Using Cyprian Latakia, remarkable yellow Virginias, and amazing Macedonian Orientals, including the Queen of Tobaccos - Yenidje, WhiteKnight has received rave reviews from people who sampled it prior to release.

If you love smooth, fragrant Latakia blends with a bright, sparkly character, I think that WhiteKnight will find its way into your regular rotation.


  • Virginia
  • Latakia
  • Oriental

The blend is smell pleasing Latakia flavor with the presence of rough leather, and a delicate aroma of smoked cheese. A kind of cushion for all this appears viscous sweetness, but to detail its behind dense Latakia flavor is quite difficult. In tobacco flavor is noticeable also not strong acetic acidity, and I began to notice it only after a couple of days after the tin was open.

After preparing the tobacco for smoking, remains a fairly large amount of tobacco shreds, and, to be honest, in this particular case, rubbing out render little effect on the uniformity of combustion. Blend is prone to extinction and I could not solve it. Even short leaving pipe aside causes the tobacco that it is extinguished. I dried it, and rubbed, and fill the pipe with different densities - nothing changes. All one - goes out. The only way – to "breathe" with pipe permanently.

Pipe tobacco blend Heart & Home White Knight

Tobacco moisture is optimal for directly fill blend from tin to pipe and lighting it. Filling is easy too: rather narrow Virginia ribbon, pale yellow and light-green flakes of Oriental in small size and large number of black and dark tobacco in the "semi-ribbons" and flakes.

The tobacco entry is powerful and bright. Just knock down. Latakia with the first puff of smoke covers you the dense cloud, dipping the pipe smoker into the thick smoky flavor with a creamy sweetness notes. If tobacco "warm up" too much, then to a light creamy sweetness on the tongue adds noticeable spicy hot sharpness. So much noticeable. But it can be controlled by varying the temp of smoking and changing the volume of creamy sweetness and sharpness in some places.

By the middle of the bowl activated Orientals with their peculiar sweetness and acidity, making the taste of a "hot" enough, and a little calming down only towards the end of smoking. Then the taste becomes noticeably softer and smoother, though not as much as would like.

Pipe tobacco blend Heart & Home White Knight

But the special speech deserves a flavor of the smoke. It’s not same as the taste. In addition to the characteristic smoked, woody and campfire smoke odors in the smoke flavor is present thick sweetness confectionery baking and butter cream. All this is nice balanced and flavor though rich but very soft. The same smoky Latakia and sweet smell remains in the pipes after its "rested". And this I really liked. While against the backdrop of the magnificent aroma sharpness of taste is particularly striking.

With regard to tobacco strength, the stated average level of its highly overvalued. I would appreciate a strength volume no more than 3 points out of 10, the blend is practically lack of nicotine.

To summarize, I can say that as the experience of smoking this pipe tobacco was interesting. The blend has a really distinct flavor, but the taste is not enough roundness, too many angles. Perhaps the aging will correct the situation and, if so, the tobacco will simply a bomb. And yet ... while enjoying a smoke flavor, was finishing my tin is not without an effort.

Cool and sweet smokes!