Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster Review

Pipe tobacco blend Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster

"Across the New World a darkness brews, while hanging tobacco emits its flues. A rich Cavendish blend both dark and light, with apple, caramel, and chocolate in sight. Four new designs to frighten and scare, It's Mixture Monster, the world prepare!"

Halloween blend? Yes, Halloween blend. We decided that while everyone seems to have Christmas covered, ol' Hallow's Eve was unjustly neglected. C&D agreed, and so churned us up a witch's brew of rich black and light Cavendish and eye of newt, sweetened with aromas of appropriate treats - chocolate, caramel, and apples.


  • Cavendish
  • Burley
  • Virginia

The tobacco blends is produced by different companies each year for Christmas, and annual tobacco releases of many known tobacco brands, has long become a tradition, it is perceived as a matter of course. But tobacco for Halloween ... "Why not?" – thought in Cornell & Diehl and released in 2014 limited series of pipe tobacco with the name, fully reflects the essence of this autumn holiday – Mixture Monster.

The series includes blends with the sonorous name: Butcher, Demon, Lycan and the Zombie, although in fact - it is a one blend, packaged in tins with a different label design. In general, it is quite a collector's item: you can smoke it, you can collect this nice tins. And then we can again cite the already sounded the question: "Why not?"


Pipe tobacco blend Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster

Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster is a blend of Virginia and two types of Cavendish - black and "light". For taste smoothness and richness to the blend is added a small amount of white Burley. The tobacco blend in Coarse Cut sliced presented fairly large flakes. Tobacco have a thick, viscous sweet aroma, which are recognized the flavor of chocolate, caramel, and boiled condensed milk. Everything together resembles the taste of toffee with chocolate filling. Subtle fruity odor barely noticeable behind this powerful sweetness somewhere in the background. The tobacco flavor really evokes a festive, sweet Halloween-mood.

Pipe tobacco blend Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster

The tobacco is almost ideal moisture and while cutting uneven, but, for the most part, is large, I packed it in pipe bowl as is, without any preparing. From the tin - and immediately into the pipe. It took a few more of the initial puffing, but then everything went like clockwork. Tobacco is smoked evenly and not hot, then to a blend of absolutely no complaints.

In cold-drawn tobacco returns all the same sweet chocolate and caramel notes. Immediately after lit from the mouthpiece with smoke pour out rich sweet taste of caramel and boiled condensed milk. Chocolate, initially only guessed. As for the taste, despite the added small amount Burley, his taste in smoking dominates with its "stuffiness", but not without pleasant nutty tones. Virginia with its grassy and slightly "fresh" fruit notes are clearly noticeable only in the first third of smoking.

Toward the middle of the bowl are well disclosed in the taste of chocolate. Its presence in the flavor of smoke makes everyone run to the smell, so find out what is going on here. In general, viscous aromas of caramel and chocolate pouring from the bowl of the pipe during the first half of smoking, hanging on tight, sweet cloud in the room, and the smoke literally can crush by hands.

In the last third of the smoking the blend is becoming more and more "tobacconess", sweet flavorings significantly losing ground, Burley revealed almost all of its sides, with both good and... not so good. Palpably the strength increases, although originally tobacco I cannot describe as light. According to the fortress I would rate this blend in the 4-4.5 points out of 10 – it is not too high, but quite confident.

Yes, it is fully aromatic blend, but I liked it. And, first of all, just for the nature of its flavoring – a sweet, powerful and obvious. Its great play in flavor and rather discreetly penetrating into the taste. This blend is still tobacco, not deprived of their own taste and has good strength. Tobacco is like so much, that I was not satisfied fast ending smoking from pipes with small bowls, and greed made me pack the pipe with large camera. That is the main mistake was. The blend is really nice, but when it is too much – it is not good.

Of course, the character of flavoring will not please to everyone, but consider Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster as every day smoking blend makes no sense - it is an absolute dessert pipe tobacco. And with the cup of unsweetened double espresso it’s seemed simply magnificent. But if it is to smoke too often or just to pack in pipe a large portion, it is possible to easily obtain the same effect as if we had overeaten sweet caramel with chocolate filling. Therefore, here it is not necessary to be greedy, take care!

Cool and sweet smokes!