McClelland 2010 Classic Virginia Review

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland № 2010 Classic Virginia

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland 2010 Classic Virginia is a blend of Eastern and Middle Belt lemon, orange, and orange-red Virginias. A sweet, smooth, and zesty smoke.

The blend is sold in bulk and it is the large pile of broken, quite pressed flakes. Tobacco seems velvety to the touch, rubbing out is not very willingly, lying down under the fingers in a handful of wide short strips.

The tobacco flavor recognizable dried fruits, shifted on "scale of fruitiness" in the direction of dried apples. Noticeable floral tones, present and "firm" wine acidity, where the same without it.

Rubbed tobacco is lit up quite easily and the first puffs in taste reveal itself soft fruit and caramel sweetness with hints of raisins and gentle grassy flavor. In the smoke flavor notable the light aromas of sweet pastry baking.

Toward the middle of smoking the sweetness is weaken, nutty tones appear with a slight bitterness and a tingling tongue, comes to the surface the bright and a distinct taste of rye bread, although in the smoke flavor the pastries reveals itself all the same sweetish notes. Tobacco strength is increases, spreading a soft wave through the body.

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland № 2010 Classic Virginia

At the end of smoking, tobacco becomes frankly nutty flavor with a gentle presence of coffee. In addition, recoup their specific herbaceous and even slightly spicy shades of Virginia.

The uniformity of the combustion depends entirely on the degree of preparation of tobacco before smoking, and if you slow and cool smoking, the tobacco is able to please a good play of taste and aroma. For all its initial sweetness, tobacco did not dessert. Rich taste and dense aroma with notes of bread, as well as confident, but a restrained strength, make it good for smoking in the evenings.

It is a good, honest Virginia blend with a strength is 5 points out of 10 with a little, as I thought at this time, supplement of Burley. Mild specific taste and a number of indirect evidence suggests that there is a small amount of Burley in this blend. And the longer tobacco is stored, the more noticeable these "symptoms". This is neither good nor bad, just created such an impression here. Overall - solid, not devoid of own character pipe tobacco blend.

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