Peterson Sherlock Holmes Tobacco Review

Pipe tobacco blend Peterson Sherlock Holmes

An old 19th century blend of Orange and Red smoking leaf, Brazilian Burley and Virginia Mysore Indian tobacco.


  • Virginia
  • Burley

Well, the official tin description of more than modest. The blend in mass is light-brown color with the scent of meadow grass, sweet smell of dried fruits and light notes of white raisins. This specific and, I would even say, a particular sweetness suggests the presence of Orientals.

The tobacco moisture is almost perfect, blend rubbed out and filled into the pipe, as well as puffed, without any problems. Smoldering in the bowl evenly and cool.

Pipe tobacco blend Peterson Sherlock Holmes

The blend's name, of course, has to ensure that it has been tested by one of the first stage of acquaintance with pipe tobacco. And my first meeting with it took place years do not even know how much back, it was still in the old tobacco tins with a proud profile Sherlock on the label, and that blend seemed pretty tough. Todays «Sherlock Holmes» became softer and sweeter. Although the tin that has fallen into my hands, not less than one and a half years of aging, it is unlikely it could bring even a little noticeable change.

Given that tobacco became softer, it not really soft, as it happens in the case of aged pure Virginia blends. Peterson "Sherlock Holmes" remains quite arrogant, even despite its sweetness.

In addition, it audacity tobacco demonstrates in moments when pipe is lighting up, returning the grassy, hay flavor. However, after a few puffs, it calms down a bit, in the taste of spicy sweetness appears, but it plays is almost on par with tobacco bitterness. That again suggests the presence of cheap Oriental. Tobacco is quite dry mouth, my constant companion at the time of smoking Peterson Sherlock Holmes became a glass of water.

Pipe tobacco blend Peterson Sherlock Holmes

Toward the middle of smoking appears taste young walnut and rye bread. Bread flavors becomes noticeable and in the aroma of the smoke. Yet these "about Oriental" spicy sweetness and bitterness of tobacco cut across all smoking and reflected both in taste and in flavor.

Tobacco is strong enough that it becomes particularly noticeable at the end of the bowl. Strength develops its power by the middle of smoking and then gradually increased to 6 points out of 10 in my estimation.

Tobacco is strong enough "topped" and talk about the purity of this tobacco blend here does not make sense. What, in other matters, for the majority of modern tobacco blends. Although, in general, can be seen what the blenders wanted to emphasize the natural taste of tobacco, soften it, while maintaining a kind of cockiness "old" Peterson Sherlock Holmes. That, to some extent, managed by the authors. Tobacco remains defiant that is intriguing at first, but quickly bored. I smoked this blend 7-8 years ago, and now that tin are enough for me, perhaps even at the same time.

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