McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar Review

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar – is a mellow, fragrant Latakia blend aged with stave cubes cut from barrels used to mature and flavor Frog Morton's own special whiskeys..


  • Latakia
  • Virginia

Tobacco in the tin has a mild, pleasant flavor. Sweet, a little pastry, with a thin, but a distinct presence of alcohol. In addition, of course, is there a velvety, smoked, wood-leathery fragrance of Latakia.

Tobacco itself is mostly black tobacco flakes and ribbons - Lattakia and, apparently, Cavendish blended with brown and yellow Virginia ribbons. Tobacco is velvety on touch and ideal moisture. Packed in bowl in the initial cut, and rubbed out tobacco is a hassle-free and does not require much effort in the subsequent puffing. Tobacco is smoking evenly and completely cool.

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar

Latakia blends from McClelland has its own charm and character. You may like it, may irritate, but to deny its existence hardly anyone would. And McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar is not only not an exception, but one more proof of that. Yes, in many ways, this charm is provided "firm sauce", but the result is usually deserves close attention from the pipe smokers.

This charm extends its glamor when the quiet tobacco in the tin breached by opening, and completely captures from the first clouds when the packed pipe is lighted up. "Yes, it McClelland!" – That is the first thought that accompanies the very initial smoke clouds of rich flavored tobacco. Moreover, absolutely do not want something to listen for, to share, and to recognize. Just want to smoke and have fun, as it often happens when smoking McClelland tobacco blends. Moreover, do not even often, just constantly. Nevertheless.

Of course, the first thing that is felt – a soft, smoked, wood-charcoal velvet flavor of Latakia. The word "velvet" I have used more than once at this point, but it seems that this is the right adjective for that game, which Latakia leads in aroma and taste of this blend. The second plan is distinguished in taste the pleasant creamy sweetness – not strong and unobtrusive, skillfully "diluted" by delicate bourbon flavor.

Pipe tobacco blend McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar

In the smoke flavor recognizable notes of the campfire, leather and rye bread with a slight sweetness. People around describe the room note as "noble" and do not take absolutely no attempt to either leave the room or to expel the smoker.

In the middle of smoking, the taste becomes more "woody", the spicy sweetness of this background departs somewhat deeply, which creates a certain feeling of emptiness in the taste, but without the critical failure. From time to time, the woody flavor made itself felt by not strong resinous flavor of pine. These were short-term "symptoms" that add some intrigue and no time to get bored.

The pipe tobacco McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar – definitely noteworthy Latakia blend. It is calm, balanced and not devoid certain brightness. Undemanding and well suited for smoking throughout the day and every day. A little bit, in my opinion, not enough tobacco strenght, which will be able to hold on to the mark of 4 points out of 10, but the desire to "switch" to something more strongly is not there. Again, tobacco proved itself well during smoking throughout the day. Another "plus sign" in favor of McClelland.

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