Gallery: Cigars and famous smokers

By itself, a cigar - it is always just a cigar. Just a bunch of rolled tobacco leaves. However, what happens when one of us takes a cigar in hand? We have endue cigars many of properties, qualities, characteristics. Which is unlikely, we do not endue, for example, eucalyptus leaves or parsley.

Famous cigar smokers

The very image of a cigar has become a symbol of the whole layer of culture and seeing a cigar on the photo, we see it as a symbol of secret order to the fellowship of which we want to be a member. And, of course, we always want to know who else is included in the society elected by cigar, who of famous people included in this "secret" circle. Assuming sometimes, that it is thanks to the cigar they have achieved such success.

Of course, all of the above, – just a joke, not pretending to analyze someone's personality. But still, I want to talk about those people who, like us, smokes cigars. And today we present a selection of photos of famous people, most of whom a cigar has become an integral part of the image. This gallery can not claim to be complete, and we will continue to publish other photos of famous cigar smokers in the future.

Famous cigar smokers

Enjoy watching!