Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill Review

Сигары Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill, дегустация

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill cigars - is one of the regular line of Romeo y Julieta brand, produced by Habanos S.A. After the success of vitolas Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill, issued in 2006, in Habanos S.A. decided to make a gift for thick cigar lovers and released cigars Julieta Wide Churchill.

Origin: Cuban cigars
Format: Wide Churchill (Montesco)
Size: 5.1 "x RG 55

Cigar rolled relatively uniform and neatly. Wrapper flavor slightly salty, I can distinguish between shades of flavors of cedar, leather and nuts. The aroma on cigar foot: flowers, caramel. Draw is good. Cold draw gives a mild, pleasant taste of nice tobacco leaf.

Сигары Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill, дегустация

First third: the burning spread just like a star with rays of different lengths. In the sense of taste, floral and light shades of bitterness. Cigar returns herbaceous, tobacco flavor. On the wrapper is appeared invisible cracks. By the middle of the first third, the burning become aligned. On the palate there are nuts, and the taste became full.

Second third: taste behaves linearly, almost without change. Only strength is slightly growing up.

Last third: the bitterness is increased. Taste has come to resemble a frank hay. I think it's a very unfortunate instance I came across. With that, the cigar gives an excellent fragrance. A little bit of leather, roasted nuts, baking.

Сигары Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill, дегустация

Incomprehensible cigar with rather pepper hot taste and dusty final. In some moments there is a pleasant flavors and flavor, but in the finals were spoiled the mood and a complete misunderstanding of what had just happened.