Bolivar №1 Tubos Cuban cigars review

Cuban cigars Bolivar №1 Tubos

It’s a strong cigar, smokes easily and comfortably. Rich flavors of leather and wood, Bolivar Tubos №1 remains interesting from beginning to end, this cigar you have a great time.

Origin: Cuban cigars
Format: Coronas
Size: 143 mm x RG 42
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba

The cigar is packed in an aluminum tube with cedar veneer. Wrapper with sweet caramel flavor with a slight presence of cedar and leather. In cold-drawn cigar gives a spicy, leathery taste. Cigar draw ... is "cuban", what can I say. Wrapper itself is light, Claro color, smooth, matte, and with small defects on the foot and on the cigar body. Unpleasant but not fatal. Although this should not be, of course. Rolled cigar in a uniform and dense enough.

The cigar starting slowly, in the beginning really active woody notes, a bit later becomes sweet flavor with the presence of a nut and a little "dusty".

Cuban cigars Bolivar №1 Tubos

Declared strength seen only in the beginning of the second third of the cigar, to the same time the taste becomes spicy and slightly pepper, earthy tones of getting slack. The flavor of smoke from sweet becomes woodier. The cigar smokes evenly and quietly, but the "cuban" draw does not allow enjoying the process of smoking.

The cigar "wakes up" completely only with the "transition of the equator" and shows itself really strong and spicy. By the end of smoking the taste revealed hot and pepper becomes filled. Although the flavor returns sweet pastries and walnut, with earthy tones and even mushrooms are noticeable. The smoke flavor is pleasant, but it may hardly be called a multi-faceted. In general, the theme of "Cuba" does not developed, except cigar draw.

Fairly good cigar with a bright flavor, but this brightness is sometimes too close neighbors with sharpness. And although the cigar flavor is good, for cuban cigars it is still boring. I were pleased with this cigar strength, by the end it becomes a full. But perhaps it is, and may be the pepper taste, the only things that will be remembered in this vitola from Bolivar brand.