Punch Coronations Tubos Cigar Review

Punch Coronations Tubos Cigar Review

Presented for the first time in 1840 and was intended for the British market Punch cigars quickly became popular and today Punch cigar brand is the second oldest brand of Cuban cigars. Punch Cigars are known for its impeccable quality and superb rich spicy aroma. Not surprisingly, these cigars were among the favorite in this famous Englishman and a connoisseur of cigars, as Sir Winston Churchill.

Origin: Cuban cigars
Format: Petit Coronas
Size: 128 mm * RG 42
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filling: Cuba

The cigar rolled evenly, neatly. The Colorado Claro wrapper is smooth, with a slight glossy. The wrapper flavor is sweet, with floral and honey tones. In cold-drawn cigar gives a little bit of caramel, leather and spice with subtle grassy flavor. The draw is excellent. Finally!

At start, the cigar immediately gives rich flavor. Here nuts, cocoa, sweet shortbread, a bit of leather and spices. In taste is also recognizable sweet pastries, nuts and spices.

Ciban cigars Punch Coronations Tubos

By the middle of smoking, the woody notes appear both in taste and in flavor. Beautifully cocoa tones revealed on the palate, it gives a bright and a distinct taste of dark chocolate, perfectly complemented by shades of cinnamon. The strength is smoothly increases.

By the final, cigar returns the flavor of caramel filled with sweetness, nice playing with walnut and leathery tones. The taste is the same, clearly noticeable caramel, nuts, dark chocolate, and only slightly strengthened its position spices, manifesting itself including not strong pepper hotness.

Really not bad cigar. Maybe not the most brilliant representative of "Cuba", but certainly interesting. Nice dynamic taste, great flavor and good strength, developing its full power by the end of smoking. The only regret is the size of a cigar - ends very quickly.