О журнале «Torchez Tobacco & Pipe Magazine»

Our magazine is not about a single topic or a series of events, and, above all, people. The people who will read it. This means that before working on each new article, we look for interesting topics and subjects. Interesting from the point of view of our readers, not from the point of view of efficiency of space filling set of printed letters.

The first issue contained very few articles, and the magazine was produced for friends. And with each new issue the circle of friends is expand. Some of them have already been written for the magazine, some, we're sure yet be. So the circle of authors, numbers of themes will much more. The main theme of the magazine «Smokers' Tobacco & Pipe Magazine» – smoking pipes, pipe tobacco and everything related with them. This is quite a deep and interesting subject, but it does not mean that our readers wondering just that and nothing more. Our readers - people very wide range of professions and with different levels of income. Some of our friends are students and teachers, mechanic and car enthusiasts, people of creative and technical fields, employes and managers of the highest level. And in order to remain interesting magazine, the website introduced a number of headings, which are sufficiently far beyond the main theme of the magazine, but remains in the range of interests of our readers, our friends.

Periodicity of the magazine - once a month, the frequency of updates published on the site is close to the daily. This publication is not limited to any reference to the geographical location and the magazine is available for download from anywhere in the world where Internet access is possible. Materials on the website provides readers with no restrictions (except for the recommended age limit). Each of the reader is free to try in writing articles, and our web site is not just a magazine site, but community of pipe enthusiasts. And every day our community is growing.

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